Family owned-Independent-hand Crafted

From brewing to finance, our family is ingrained in this brewery. Family quality is what makes the difference in product and experience.
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Our Vision

Provide Bakersfield with the highest quality hand crafted ales and lagers in a relaxed, personal, tavern like atmosphere. We strive to be your “neighborhood” pub


We strive to use the highest quality ingredients. We look to buy and source from local vendors when we can helping to support Kern county as a whole.

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We stand by our product or we wouldn’t put our name on it! We are looking to provide you with the freshest and best beers in our local market.

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We want you to have a good time. Beer is social and we hope we can offer a inviting social setting where our community can commune

The idea
What we are after, and when will it all begin?

Zubris Brewing is currently a brewery in planning, and at the moment this site is a place holder of sorts for us on the World Wide Web. Todate it has been a long road for location, funding, and trying to root our family all down in one location. Alas the saga still continues but the vision has always remained the same: Produce the highest quality craft beers and make them readily available to the fine community of Bakersfield and the surrounding Central Valley local.

Meet the Family

Chris Zubris

Chief of Techno Web Presence, Data Managment and Computing
Melding all things beery with today’s technology


As all things are to be determined, so is this position
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